Our Newsroom is packed with so many things designed to challenge you, arm you with the facts and give you the opportunity to really understand the reality of what it is like to work in the media, from the Editor and reporters, to the photojournalist, public relations people, to the source of the story.

You will leave richer for having learnt, explored, laughed and conquered the world of ‘news’. Importantly, what you will learn will

stay with you, and you’ll find it hard to ignore the news – you will probably never look at a news story in the same way again! The course is a practical based session, aimed at giving you the experience of actually learning what it is like to walk in the footsteps of a real journalist. The course will also cover all that you will need to understand how the media works, and once you understand that, you will be off on your adventure!

What is ‘news ‘ – why is it important to understand the world of news

  • Learn how the media works and how its created
  • How news is made – Headlines, Headlines, Headlines!
  • A review of today’s news
  • The different types of news sources
  • How the story makes the news in the first place

What it is like to be a journalist and work in the media

  • The skills you will need to be a journalist
  • How to identify an excellent story that will make the headlines
  • Learn what makes a story – real vs. fake news
  • How to write, present and tell a story to lots of different audiences
  • Learn how to investigate the facts and get to the bottom of the issue
  • Write like a professional

Work in your very own newsroom to produce your own front page for online news

  • Cope with fast moving breaking news
  • Learn how to produce and present your own news stories to camera
  • Present your own 3 o’clock news
  • Learn to work quickly to tight deadlines and produce something amazing
  • Work as part of a team

Explore other roles within the media world

  • Understand the difference between journalism, Public relations, Marketing and Advertising
  • Work as part of a team to launch a new product to the UK market and include all the different types of roles to launch that product in the news
  • Learn all about market research
  • Learn how to write differently for advertising and PR
  • Create your own advert
  • Write your own press release
  • Sell your story to a journalist
  • Plan a launch event