By Kitty, Age 8
Reporting for The NewsroomClub

Last week, I laughed, I surfed, I zorbed, I paddle boarded and I eat a lot of fish & chips! Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? Well it was! I went to Cornwall for the first time in my life and had an amazing time. It is hard to sum up which bit I liked most, so I thought I would write about them all, and you can then decide which one you think you would love the most.

There is one thing that Cornwall is famous for its surfing! So why not give it a go I thought! Goodness me, as if the surfing wasn’t challenging enough, the hardest thing of the whole day was trying to get the wetsuit on and off. I felt like a seal by the end of it, it was so tight that I thought I was going to burst. So, we tried another one, which was a better fit. I’m glad I put it on though as the cold water was quite a shock. We were lucky enough to try out the only Flow rider in Cornwall, and it was just brilliant. I think I preferred the bodyboarding as the stand-up surfing was really tricky.

On the second day we went water-skiing – that was possibly the hardest, but the funniest activity so far in my life, but the best was the aqua park, which has a huge inflatable floating play area, it was fantastic.

While we were there, we also went to Padstow and had fish and chips at Rick Stein’s restaurant and had lovely homemade ice cream. We then went to a lovely place called Rock which is just across the water from Padstow. We had the most amazing milkshakes and went crabbing, we caught a few and put them all back safely in the sea.

Every night we eat, talked and watched funny films. We were tired because we were so active in the daytime, but we slept really well. I had the most amazing time and am looking forward to going back to Cornwall soon.