Ted, Aged 11
Reporting for The Newsroom Club

Over recent months there have been many questions over if VAR (Video Assistant Referee). Should be used in football , or is it killing the element of luck and opinion in the beautiful game? I love football, everything about it and I always have an opinion about most things! However, in the recent World Cup, I listened to so many mixed reviews of the use of VAR, but no matter what pundits and players and supporters said, I believe that VAR is a good thing for football going into the future.

The news reporting of it was a bit mixed, some covered it a lot (BBC Radio 5 Live) and didn’t really form a view of whether it was good or bad, and other news channels didn’t mention it, well when I was watching anyway!

As technology gets more advanced I believe that we should not just ignore it and watch it being used perfectly in other sports, we should embrace it. VAR only ever gets used to check if something is clear and obvious and to make sure that the referee, or linesman is correct, and if they are not they will overturn the decision.

The only things the Video Assistant Referee will call the referee about are mistaken identity, instant red card incidents (often on field reviews), penalties and offences leading up to a penalty and goals including offences leading up to goals. Now VAR has being used in some matches in Britain (including the FA cup and Carabao cup which will only use it at only at premier league grounds and the community shield.) I am excited to see if it carries on to have a good impact on football in the future.