At the Newsroom Club, we live, breathe and love ‘news’. Whichever way you look at it, news is everywhere around us. Without news, our lives would probably be boring, but with it, we have the ability to question the truth, arm ourselves with the crucial facts and learn answers to a million questions that we may never have otherwise asked.

The Newsroom Club is your chance to be your very own ‘news hound’. You will explore and try so many different things that you’ll be left deciding, which was your best bit!

Our Newsroom is packed with so many things designed to challenge you, arm you with the facts and give you the opportunity to really understand the reality of what it is like to work in the media, from the Editor and reporter, to the photojournalist, public relations people, to the source of the story.
“The Newsroom Club plays a vital role in giving young people the necessary facts so that they can make up their own minds what news to follow or not. I love the fact that young people can pick from a selection of great exercises that are all based on reality and will give them a good understanding of the way that a real newsroom works.”
“As someone who works with the media on a regular basis, I think the Newsroom Club is a vital introduction to the workings of the media. Many young people consume news without question, without any understanding of how news is made and reported. The Newsroom Club provides an interesting and fun way to educate and inform about all that is wonderful and not so wonderful about our media environment today.”
We are a passionate team of ‘news hounds’ who want to share their years of experience of working in and around the world of news, with you! We have all worked in the media for a very, very, very long time, and have first-hand experience of having worked in all areas of the news and media – from reporters on TV and radio to Editors, bloggers, Public Relations consultants and media trainers. With so many years of working to tight deadlines and delivering results, the team thrives on a challenge, and the bigger the challenge the better!



By Kitty, Age 8 Reporting for The NewsroomClub @thenewsroomclub Last week, I laughed, I surfed, I zorbed, I paddle boarded and I eat a lot of fish & chips! Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? Well it was! I went to Cornwall for the first time in my life and had an...

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Will Fake News take over the World?

By Archie, Aged 12. Reporting for The Newsroom Club. @TheNewsroomClub This week it has come to my attention that there has been yet another scandal involving fake news. It affects people my age because in a few years I will be voting for the election and it is very...

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Ted, Aged 11 Reporting for The Newsroom Club @TheNewsroomClub Over recent months there have been many questions over if VAR (Video Assistant Referee). Should be used in football , or is it killing the element of luck and opinion in the beautiful game? I love football,...

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